2016! 2016! 2016!

Zigtebra is deep under blankets of Chicago ice working on new songs. New gadgets to play with, new fantasies to explore. Tiger found an old notebook, emo to the brim. We're glad you get it. We're glad you are with us when we cry. We're glad you're with us when we celebrate. We're glad you're with us in 2016. 

Resolution 2016: we're going to be responsible about Songkick and BandsinTown so that you get better notice about our shows. We're getting weirder and wilder, so I hope you're down for the ride! 

Your Valentine's Day should definitely be spent with Zigtebra. We're playing a secret underground Valentine show at Situations on Saturday February 13th, and you're free to message us for details since this show is very much not on Facebook. ;-) ;-) ;-)

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