Almost Halfway Point of Tour: LEARNINGS

Road Diary # 432

We're almost 60 days into tour and still smelling pretty fresh. We've had some incredible adventures in the south (playing two nights in Key West, surrounded by roosters, palm trees, and the ocean), the east coast (walking miles throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, buying magic medallions in Providence, scouting snails in Maine, meeting Bernie Sanders in Vermont), and the midwest (sloshing through rainstorms, high-fiving Lake Erie). 

We also got a sweet write-up from our friend Richard about the show we shared with him in Pittsburgh. You can check out the cool review here. He said I sounded like Bjork at her poppiest. OMG.

I'm writing to you from Fayetteville, Arkansas where we're sitting in the van working on booking outside of the venue we're playing tonight.

Things We've Learned So Far:

1: Book further ahead

2: Stay organized and strap your important items to your body.

3: If someone is crabby, maybe they just need to eat. (Keep emergency snacks in the car for 'tude adjustments).

4: Don't let the magic moments pass you by. And, this is a magic moment.

5: Take time to make wishes at all bodies of water.

6: Broccoli slaw is superior slaw. More vitamins. More resilient veg in hot cars.

7: Being sober for shows is possible and is amazing. Soberly channeling your wild side is like actual magic.

8: Stick around for all the bands sets. It's nice and it's the Golden Rule. Until you're too big for your britches, I guess.

9: Ask smarter questions to get answers that are worth anything.

10: Being good at compromising makes 24/7 creative partnership pretty cool.


What have you learned this summer?
What should our next song be about?

Emily Rose 




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