Dear Diary, Limitations and Creativity and Fever

After returning from our 3 month summer tour, we wrote all new songs and recorded our first studio album, "The Brave",  at Observatory Studios during a record-breaking winter.  The icy chill crept into our bones and climbed onto our shoulders.  It took all of our super duo strength and two special cookies from a lonesome birthday boy to so swiftly create and finish this album.  For a small bedroom pop duo, the deadline forced us to climb to a higher place.  In retrospect,  Zigtebra had been working full throttle for nearly all of 2013 (mostly booking and touring); it's no wonder that we BOTH fractured our ribs within two weeks of one another immediately after completing "The Brave."  And then when Tiger broke his left paw and required surgery, the two active and impervious daredevil twins finally took time to recoup.  The limitation of recovery is a humbling experience, and it has helped us appreciate each other.  The down-time gave us the opportunity to be observant and contemplative.  We found new inspiration.  We found new instruments.  We found new strength.  Finally, after many months, our blood is beginning to boil again.  The Fever's got us.  We're coming for you.  


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