February NEW Song and Music Video for "All Night"

Dear Zigtebra Friends and Fans, 

We present to you our second contribution to the treasure chest of Zigtebra music videos for 2017! This video concept was written by Zigtebra, filmed by Christopher Alvarez of Chateau Racine, and edited by Zigtebra. Chris is a fantastic friend, Zigtebra supporter, musician, and videographer. We were delighted to have his company and expertise on the shoot, and we think you'll love the results!

Please watch the latest release and share it if you enjoy it.

(if you LOVE the song, you can keep it with you forever by paying whatever you want for it here at Zigtebra's bandcamp!)

P.S. We're beginning to consider a next tour and we'd love to hear from you if you want us to come play in your town. Where do you live and what would be your favorite place to come watch us play? Let's hang out!!! <3


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