June's NEW Music Video and Song "WILD CHILD"

Dear Diary, 

We're in Plant Land Florida, sitting in a McDonald's working on booking the last quarter of our tour, drinking coffee. 

Tour started May 17th. It's only June 2nd and in that time we've played a bunch of shows and filmed our music video while traveling between cities. Joe wrote the idea for the song; we fleshed it out together and arranged in the van. We recorded the parts in Nuci's Space rehearsal studios in Athens, GA. I edited the film in the car between cities and in the public library in St Petersburg, FL. The result is a testimony to Joe's wild baby song ideas and my desire to be adventuring because Indiana Jones is my role model. Buy "WILD CHILD" digitally here and you can pay whatever you want.

watch WILD CHILD video NOW


It's our wildest for sure. Do you think we're going in a new direction?

Plant Land feels like 100% humidity. Plants grow thick and juicy everywhere I look. It is like walking in a collage by PlantaSuculenta, who did the album art for our new album "Sparkle Tip." It features all of the Jan/Feb/Mar/April song releases, plus a secret magic UNRELEASED TRACK "Roman Candle." It's a 2017-take on Romeo and Juliet, if Romeo was a gender neutral person and Juliet was also gender-neutral, and polyamorous. Instead of doom, Romeo finds acceptance and peace and the song resolves into an anthem of self-love. It's also a very true account featuring a personal-telling by an anonymous dear friend. <3

You can buy the 4 released tracks individually on our Bandcamp, but the only way to get this special unreleased track is to buy the entire album "Sparkle Tip" digitally here or by buying a physical copy from us LIVE in person from us while we're on this epic tour. Find out when we will be in your city here. We'd love to see you.



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