NEW MUSIC VIDEO! "Bring It On" filmed on location in Roswell, New Mexico


We filmed "Bring It On" in Roswell and it was so much fun. We hope you LOVE this, like this, and share this new song with your friends. 

It's a lil tardy, because we were hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim to RIM. That means we started on the south side, hiked all the way to the bottom and up to the north side, then back down and up to the south side. It was 57 miles and 2 miles high on each side. PHEW. We were on a digital vacation the whole time. ^_^ We love camping. We'll be sharing the cool photos and videos on our Instagram. 

Camp tips: 

Bring biodegradable soap flakes! They won't leak in your bag and they are lightweight.

Invest in a headlamp. 

Skip the heavy notebook. You'll have more fun being present and having a light pack.

Water + salty snacks = win.

We're on our way to Tijuana for the next few days!



Emily Rose & Joe Zeph



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