New Music Video for Old Bedroom Recording!!

Dear Diary,

We are already in full busy swing of the Autumnal harvest.  We are letting our houseplants enjoy the last outside shreds of sun, the last tastes of warm rain, the last gusts of earthy summer air.  And our hearts are pitter-pattering with joy in anticipation of our upcoming Album Release Spooktacular.  We are cooking up an absolutely unforgettable night!  We do hope you'll join us in costume. Don't forget to RSVP!

As a special treat for this lonely Monday, here is a music video for one of our earliest recordings.  Bad Taste out of Seattle was in Chicago for one day only and we'd be game for a quick day-long shoot for an experimental stop-motion idea they cooked up.  Check out the beautiful results! 

Zigtebra: "Where Have You Gone" recorded 2012, filmed 2014 by Bad Taste


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