Spring Has Sprung, Bring out the Lions!

*WHOOSH* A month goes by and we have five shows under the belt. One of my favorite moments was "Say AH" live at Young Camelot. Joseph dropped his hot pink pants to reveal some glorious neon animal print leggings. We both donned masks and well, I barely remember the rest. People liked it. ^_^

We loved playing Record Store Day at Shuga Records on Milwaukee Ave. Milwaukee was a major RSD hotspot and we were psyched to be a part of it. Shuga is particularly cool because they are way into representing Chicago's music scene. We've been telling all our favorite musician friends to head over there with their albums. Daytime rock is strange. No beer, no fumbling in the darkness, no sweat, so much SUN.... But for all our dark music ways we have good hearts and we're cool with being in the light even if it means you can peer at our flaws. We all got 'em. Go ahead, get out your magnifying glass. Despite the bright light jitters it was a brilliant experience to play and be able to scrutinize aspects we don't notice at basement shows. We have a very important daytime summer gig coming up that we want to be divine, so RSD was great daytime practice.

P.S. Next up we are playing a fundraiser for The Runaways Theater Lab and also performing at The Dandelion afterwards, so pick your poison for May 1st and make it a date with Zigtebra!

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