Ten Reasons October is Zigtebra's Favorite Month (right now):

10:  It's the only time of the year that we can wear our cool coats, the ones that aren't full force Chicago-snow protectors.

9:  Autumnal & Halloween-themed Food = Yum-Y'all!

8: Fantasizing about the winter music creation hibernation and getting cozy in the new humble band room!

7: Ditching the bikini bod.  In Chicago you need that extra layer or you will perish.  

6: Prepping your winter-gear game.  Bike Winter?!?!?!  YOU BET.

5: New gear, new fossil-free transportation options, new sounds...  

4: Everyone is wearing costumes.  No other time of year brings out alter-egos like Halloween!  WHO ARE THEY??????

3: Day of the Dead in our amazing neighborhood in Pilsen

2: OCTOBER 24th is our Vinyl Release Spooktacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are in Chicago, YOU. MUST. COME. 

1:  HALLOWEEN DUH!!!!!!  Halloween is actually our birthday, so we are especially joyful and grateful for the magic and surprise of this day.  


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