The Album Release is THIS FRIDAY, Oct 24th!

All of Chicagoland is abuzz with excitement for our upcoming album release! Brookfield Zoo has had tremendous unruly behavior, especially in the tiger and zebra dens. Chicago Public Schools are releasing the children at noon to reduce the liklihood of rioting and traffic chaos. The Grand Clock at City Hall even has a digital timer ticking the seconds to showtime.  We have stacks of press inquiries to respond to, and phone calls to return, but No!, we choose to stay safely in the confines of our cozy bandroom hideout and continue working on the show.  It WILL be a Spectacular Spooktacular!  But you have to be there to experience the dark art of Zigtebra-on-stage, so please RSVP and say "Hi" at the show.  

*some editorial details not fact-checked..

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