Tour Complete, New Level Unlocked!

Hi Friends and Fans, 

We're back in Chicago!!! The "Double Scoop Tour" was an ambitious tour with a driving route that took us to lots of amazing places including New Orleans, El Paso, Tijuana, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, and Hot Springs (and so many more)! We were on the road for five weeks and played 32 shows in about 40 days. 

Touring is wonderful/grueling, fun/stressful, hard work/tons of play, and so we appreciate everyone who helped us along the way with shows, sleeping quarters, shared meals, adventure stories, and tacos. We confirmed that shorter distances between cities is probably the best way to go if you want to not drive each other insane. We also dialed in a super solid set that delighted audiences all around western America. It was next level, y'all. We played a few shows for people who have seen Zigtebra since the beginning, and we think we delighted them a lil bit with how far we've come. (shout outs to Laine in Norman, Matthew in Tijuana, Davis in Salt Lake City, Dani in San Diego, Lexie in Denver, Hills and Caralyn in San Antonio, Jesse P in Hot Springs, the whole crazy crew at Notsuoh in Houston, the Graffiti Bridge crew in Pensacola, and so many more).

As promised, a portion of our tour proceeds are going to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Pretty much everyone we met on the road could personally understand or relate to the importance of mental illness advocacy and support. It was incredible to connect with people on this level and share awareness about this charity that does so much good. 

Phew, and now we are back in Chicago to discover the next pieces of the puzzle. All-in-all this tour was a hefty experience and wherever we go, I'm In it to win it, whatever that is. <3

P.S. If you wanna seen some TOTALLY AWESOME candid pics from our tour travels, check out our Instagram (@Zigtebra) or search for our tour hashtag "#DoubleScoopTour . I haven't uploaded all the pics I wanted to, so more will be coming in a photo dump within a week or so. Highlights of the instagram pile include a photo of me swimming across the Smith River in Oregon (Joe did it first because I was scared about the current), desert sunsets crossing New Mexico, giant redwoods in northern California, and coming soon pics from our amazing camp getaway at Lake Anita in Idaho. 

List of things I lost on the road:
What: Silver & Black sunglasses Where: Pacific Ocean in Ocean Beach, CA
What: New Balance grey running shoes Where: A skate park somewhere in Kansas or Nebraska?
What: Blender bottle Where: ? Texas?
What: 1/4 inch instrument cable Where: Eugene, OR
What: Sense of time and location Where: Once we left Tulsa I had no idea what state we were in ever, except for Hot Springs, but I will never know if that was real. 

Zebra (& Tiger)


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