Tues June 2nd opening for THE DO. (OMGGGGGGG!)

Guess what, friends? We're opening for The Do on Tuesday June 2nd at Schuba's. Zigtebra is opening for a band that has 150,000 fans. Starstruck fanboys rejoice!


The Do is a French Finnish indie pop duo that started in 2005. Their first studio album A Mouthful topped the French charts in 2008, making them the first French act singing English to reach that position. Plus their songs are catchy as heck. 

We are beyond psyched to have the opportunity to share the stage with a band living their dream traveling and sharing cool tunes. Check out their latest music video where they play around with airplane propellers and Olivia looks amazing in red coveralls. Is it too early to start my Christmas outfit wishlist? WANT.

Write to us if you want more details about the show! <3 Stay tuned for a post that includes live pics and videos from the gig. 

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