Update From The Road #DoubleScoopTour RUUUUUUULES

Road Warriors! We played Notsuoh in Houston last night. Remember Mortville? Notsuoh is an above-ground venue/bar in downtown Houston. We've played there three times now and wow has our sound evolved. We were so proud to return to last night with a solid set we LOVE to perform. The response overwhelmed us! The cast of characters who live/work at Notsuoh were so hospitable. They invited us to sleep in a magical hidden enclave somewhere in the ceiling of the bar. We followed Dawn to our quarters by taking a right at the giant donut in Jim's gigantic artist studio, then climbing down a staircase, and crossing the red linen threshold. It was like being born out of a hot arthouse womb into a white-walled, white-leather couched palace, complete with a cream-colored cat and air conditioning. (!!!) BLISS.

We met new friends (hi Pablo I miss you already, are you scared yet?) and became fans of the other musicians we played with: Monorose (glorious vocals + complete beauty), A Little Sad (talented jazz musician + emo soul = satisfied Zigtebra's emo-tooth), and Flcon Fcker (holy Sht dude, ultimate undulating beat master). Mucho thanks to Eric of #PattysRadio! Eric is a dreamy guy with a big dream. He gives a voice to the under celebrated musicians that he sets up shows with. This guy's enthusiasm is contagious. He interviewed us for his podcast which you can check out here! We are definitely going to stay tuned because he has fantastic and eclectic taste in music. 

Overall, tour is incredible, exhausting, magical, sweaty, wonderful, beautiful, challenging, rewarding. I couldn't ask for less or for more. Plus Joseph is an excellent road warrior teammate. I highly recommend him for your adventure needs IF you can pry him away from my busy travel clutches. 

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Check out our new music video for BAY BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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