We Released a Secret Tape for CASSETTE STORE DAY at Bric-A-Brac Records!

Dear Diary, 

It is October and the spirit of spooky mystery is thick in Chicago. We found out about Cassette Store Day and decided to conjure up a seasonal treat from the Zigtebra archives Old and New. Side A is a classic Zigtebra set recorded live at Young Camelot and Side B is a dazzling mixture of new song ideas and forgotten secret recordings. OH TAPES!!!! It's not the recording quality (hifi? more like ByeFi), it's not the ease of moving from track to track (lol my rewind button is broken and I can only flip and fast-forward), it's the dreamy otherworldly sound, and it's the tangible plastic joy of a new tape in your pocket. Mmmmmm....

We made a super limited release and gave them away for FREE at Bric-A-Brac Records and Collectibles. If you wanted one, but didn't get one, e-mail us and tell us one neat fact about yourself and where you live and we will send you some tracks. 

Stacking up local Chicago shows to post to our Gig page soon, so keep your eyes out for the next Zigtebra show. Last few times to catch the old set before we launch into the unknown zone.........


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