Zigtebra Diaries 6/24/14

Last Friday we played a bravely intimate house show at a new venue, The Avocado, run by Kriss Stress of Notes and Bolts.  We shared the bill with the intense and soulful melodies of a bare-bones Oshwa, plus a lovely-voiced songbird, Night and Gale, opened the night.  It was a refreshing evening of honest music.  No bar scene could compare to the sugar that fills a room at a house show.  We are so grateful for this drizzling bristling bustling city that keeps us on our toes and taps us on the nose.  

The next day was a classic grey stormy Chicago Saturday.  We both rushed home from work to re-pack our gear to be rainproof for a public transit adventure up to Evanston on the northside to play a theater fundraiser BBQ.  En route we got the call it had been rained out!  Two soggy matching yellow-slickered beasts de-boarded the bus and walked home in the puddles.  And then it came in a vision: The pot of gold at the end of the rainy rainbow: Porkchop sandwiches.  

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